Smyrna Swim Club

P.O. Box 341 

Smyrna, DE 19977

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General Rules

  • Swimming without a lifeguard on duty is prohibited!
  • Children under 13 years of age are not permitted to be at the pool without adult supervision. Supervision must be provided by someone at least 16 years of age. Parents and/or baby sitters are responsible to ensure that children obey all club rules.
  • Children 13 years of age or older may be left at the club alone, if they can swim one length of the pool and are approved by the lifeguard. If a child is left alone, the lifeguard must be given a phone number where someone can be reached if necessary.
  • Lifeguards may suspend club privileges due to disciplinary problems for up to one week.
  • Any serious disciplinary problems or rule violations will be reported to the Board of Directors and appropriate action will be taken.
  • There will be no running, pushing or horseplay in the pool area. Violators will be benched by the lifeguards.
  • No animals are allowed around the pool areas; the exception to this being seeing eye or guide dogs.
  • All food should be eaten in the grass area, not on pool decks. Absolutely no food, candy or gum in the pool
  • Members are responsible for cleaning their area, stacking their chairs and disposing of trash in trash containers before leaving the pool.
  • Bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are not to be used inside the club area or on the pool decks. Bicycles must be left in the bike rack.
  • Members are responsible for helping to maintain the cleanliness of the club, including rest rooms.
  • There will be no smoking inside the fence; smoking is permitted ONLY in the parking lot. Cigarette butts must be placed in the buckets available.

Pool Rules

  • No diving in the rectangular pool or in the shallow end of the kidney-shaped pool.
  • No horseplay, ball throwing, water guns or other activities in the pool if the lifeguards feel that these activities may be harmful to other swimmers.
  • Only one person at a time should be on the diving board. As a safety precaution, dive straight, no back flips or cut-aways. Back dives are permitted.
  • When using the sliding board, wait until the person in the front has gone down the slide before climbing the ladder. Go down feet first in the sitting position.
  • Be aware the diving board and sliding board are in deep water.
  • The baby pool is only for the use of non-swimming children, under 7 years of age. Adults and/or guardians must be responsible for their children while in the baby pool.
  • No one may use any pool with an active, infectious disease.
  • Babies must wear waterproof swim diapers in any pool.

Party Rules

  • Members may hold parties at the club during normal club hours, with prior approval from a lifeguard.
  • The club will only have one party on any given day, with a limit of 35 guests per party.
  • The regular guest fee will be charged for each non-member attending the party, as well as a party fee of $50.
  • Parties must be approved at least one week in advance.
  • The Board of Directors may approve any deviation from these rules.

Guest and Membership Rules

  • A family membership includes immediate members of the family living at the same address. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule, may lose their membership permanently.
  • Members are responsible for registering their guests and paying the guest fee of $3 per guest. If a guest does not pay immediately, the guest and the member who brought them will be asked to leave for the day.
  • No guest may stay at the pool without the member who signed them in for the day.
  • Persons listed as members of a household on any application, other than parents and children will not be considered members of the club unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  • If a member is caring for relatives or others, they will be treated as guests and subject to guest rules.
  • If there are two families living in one household, they will require separate memberships to use club facilities.
  • Any non-member is limited to 6 visits to the pool in any year.
  • A member who babysits for non-members may bring children to the club as their guests, and those guests will be subject to the same rules as other club guests.
  • A non-member who babysits for a club member must pay the guest fee and the limit of six visits will be waived.
  • The limit of six visits may be waived by a lifeguard for out of town guests.
  • The annual pool party will be limited to members only.

Rules for Other Facilities

  • Tennis courts, basketball courts, decks and other facilities are provided for the use and enjoyment of members.
  • Non-members that use these facilities must sign in with the lifeguard and pay the regular guest fee.
  • Any person damaging club facilities or equipment through misuse will be held responsible for repair or replacement.
  • Please practice general courtesy and be considerate of others when using club facilities.
  • The Snack Shack will be open daily, members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.